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The BAMFAP Program by First Gear CrossFit.


Welcome to BAMFAP Program: A simple, sustainable approach towards reaching your ultimate health and weight goals.
"Burn as much fat as possible"

You’re doing everything you’ve been told to do.
You’ve gotten rid of the junk and replaced it with high-quality, nutrient-dense foods.
You’re fueling in the morning and eating multiple small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism running at high-speed.
You’ve reduced portions, increased your exercise, meditated your brains out, said a few prayers, and… that stubborn weight just won’t budge.
Not to mention, you’re running out of energy.

There’s a reason why, and it’s not necessarily because your efforts aren’t making an impact.
It’s about science. Did you know that your body utilizes the food you eat in different ways at different times?
When you eat, your body reacts to the energy you’ve just provided by producing insulin. That’s a great thing. Insulin is a crucial hormone that allows your body to use the glucose you’ve consumed for energy.

When you aren’t eating (the “fast” between meals), insulin is low, and the body begins burning the energy stored away in fat cells.
SO, if you are always eating (think small meals and snacks, even if they’re healthy choices), and insulin is ALWAYS burning glucose from the food you’re ingesting… when does the body have time to burn the fat?

That’s where the game of When you Eat and What you Eat comes in. By extending the periods between your meals, you allow your Insulin to lower and give the body a chance to do what it does naturally. Burn fat for energy!


Does any of this sound familiar?
You’ve tried just about every “diet” and your weight loss goals continue to elude you…
You’re tired of depriving yourself of the foods you truly love — and tend to overeat them when you just can’t willpower-through anymore…
You’ve dreamt of reducing the “soft” in your body and revealing some muscle tone…
You’ve tried to nix cravings and kick mindless or emotional eating to the curb, unsuccessfully…
You want an eating plan that is easy, not super restrictive, but jumpstarts your weight loss…
You’re confused by ALL the conflicting advice out there and just want to understand what can work for you!

You got a meal-plan and recipes but it only works for maybe a month before you hate it...
You’ve done all the diets, some successfully– but only for so long before I inevitably burned out, ate all-the-things, gained the weight back, and then wallowed in my failure.

We feel your pain :(

With The BAMFAP Program, you will adopt a lifestyle with amazing benefits including:

Releasing stubborn weight and fatty areas.
Achieve your goal body composition.
Provide FOOD flexibility with the foods you LOVE to eat…
Think date night, vacations, holidays, etc., WITHOUT guilt.
Very easy to Staying on Track.

“The best of all medicines is resting and fasting.” Benjamin Franklin.

Let's get started!! Book a Consultation with Us to prep your new journey!


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